Red Palm, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Backpacker Hostel/Guesthouse:

Nov 2005

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Greg (SA), Linda (Swe), Sofie & Nicky (SA)

Gamble (US)

Vanessa (Aus), Alexander (Bra) & Jonathan (UK)

Kalin (Eng) & katie

Rhidian & Rhys (Wales)

Trina (Ire) & Mark (Ire)

Tammy (Aus) & Jarrad (Aus)

Jarrad, Amy & Lindsey were mesmerised by xaxa's performance during a wedding reception

Mark, Trina, Kalin, Katie, Vanessa & huw & jemma (sorry, without the face) were chilling out . Must be some interesting movie was on.

Hanis, Jemma, Huw, Bea & Sofie

Jemma, Micheal (Aus), Mark & Huw were the contenders in carrom game

Gabriel & Lindsey doing the forbidden dance

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