Red Palm, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Backpacker Hostel/Guesthouse:

Dec 2005

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Leong (Mas), Julian (Ger) & Tan (Mas)

Jeremy (NZ) & Charlotte (NZ)

The Brady bunch - Paul (UK) , Amber (US) & Kyle (US)

Kim (South Korea) a man with 3 mothers

Elia (Italy)

Cody & Karen from Canada

Micheal (Aus)

Linda & Henrik (Sweden)

The Tetley family - Bruce, Grace, Matthew, Michelle, & Lee-anne from New Zealand

Tracey (Eng)

Jack loves to 'explore' the city at night

scrable game between cody & karen, and the winner is....

random photo:
Joe (Fin), Jason (Uk), Juan & Karla (Mex), Bea

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