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September 2006

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Michael (Sweden) wearing his glasses for the very last time

Eamon (Ger), John and Jade (Korea) watching a movie, Joe in the background

Summer (US), Simon (UK), Jade (S.Korea) and Kamal (UK) having food from next door

Chaoxia, Yingji, Jianming, Aili and John (China) with Tilo

Andrea & Nils (Germany)

Kim & Karen (Canada)

Siti saying good bye to Hanis

Bye Bye Hanis!!!!!!!! We will miss you and good luck in Australia!

Randall & Stephen (US) on the way up north, way north... and The Taxidriver

Joe (UK)

Gareth, Oli and Tom (UK)

Gavin & Andrea (Germany)

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Nancy and her students from the US

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