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Red Palm - Backpacker's Hostel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Your Home in Kuala Lumpur since 2004

Red Palm Hostel, Kuala Lumpur Red Palm Hostel, Kuala Lumpur Red Palm Hostel, Kuala Lumpur


Bienvenido a Red Palm, Kuala Lumpur

Welcome to Red Palm, Kuala Lumpur

'Looking for a place to hang out, relax, meet friendly faces and experience the cultural diversity and hospitality of Malaysia?'

We are a hostel / guesthouse in Bukit Bintang, or the "Golden Triangle", which is the major shopping and dining district. The food nearby ... don't get us started on this one ... mmmmh

We are located in an historical colonial house with lots of character and charm.

We also offer broadband internet , printing, cd-burning, phone facilities and laundry service. With a LAN card you can connect your laptop on your own desk to the world. Breakfast is inclusive as well as tea and coffee all day long.

We are looking forward to sharing culture and travel experiences with you. Safe Travel and see you in KL!


Taman Negara Tours

Watch the following video to see what you can experience on a Taman Negara tour:

Tours to Taman Negara, Elephant Sanctuary and Chiling Waterfall can be easily book with us. Just call us, email us or drop by. Find out more details about the tours here.


Some more recognition in 2012

We received some more batched from travel websites. They are not super special since a few other places in KL received them as well. So they are probably mainly a marketing instrument for these websites but anyway, here they are:


Earth Hour 2009

28/03/2009: Red Palm participated in the world-wide Earth Hour event

Earth Hour 2009 - Red Palm Hostel, Kuala Lumpur Earth Hour 2009 - Red Palm Hostel, Kuala Lumpur Earth Hour 2009 - Red Palm Hostel, Kuala Lumpur
See all pictures of the candle night and Octavio's birthday that happened to be on the same night. Click here for the photo album


Red Palm No.3 Hostel in Asia 2007

10/02/2007: Hostelworld costumers voted Red Palm among the best hostels again

Number 3 Hostel in Asia Hoscar rewards were giving out again based on the rating of its costumers. We are happy to be rated among the top hostels again. Thanks everbody for appreciating what we do and we'll try our best again to be on top next year ;)
And as always: Safe Travel!


Red Palm voted No.1 Hostel in Asia 2006

10/02/2007: Hostelworld costumers voted Red Palm as No.1 Hostel in Asia:

More than 500,000 customers selected the winning hostels from more than 12,000 properties (world wide) featured on the site. The customers were surveyed after their stay and asked to grade their hostel based on six different criteria: character, security, location, staff, fun and cleanliness.



Red Palm voted Top10 hostel worldwide

07/12/2005: Hostelworld costumers voted Red Palm in the Top 10:

Every month publishes a list with the top 10 hostels worlwide. There are more than 10,000 hostels in their database. The top10 is based on the ratings that guest who book through their system give after their stay. After one year in operation we made to position 9 in November 2005. Thanks, we couldn't have asked for a better birthday present.


Red Palm featured in an article about backpacking in Kuala Lumpur

05/02/2005: The major malaysian newspaper "The Star" released the following article:

The time is 8am and the location is the Red Palm Guesthouse in Bukit Bintang. Red Palm is a newcomer to the Kuala Lumpur backpacker circuit, but with its efficient, friendly staff and prominent web presence, it is sure to become a favourite. First impressions are good: freshly painted rooms, clean communal areas and colourful furniture – all housed within a charming colonial building ... read more


Review at

Stephan from France wrote the following review on the travel website ... read more

Best Hostel in Asia 2006

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